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Introducing the Bike It ‘Triple Black’ Motorcycle Boot, this full-length adventure boot comes fully loaded. It's an all-seasons, all-weather waterproof adventure touring boot that offers sublime comfort, style and protection for all-day, any weather, riding performance. Whether taking on the Dakar rally or morning commute, the ‘Triple Black’, like its namesake, comes fully loaded and ready to meet and surpass any demand you put it up against!


This full length off-road styled adventure boot is available in two striking colour options, an all-Black option or a Brown Variant.


Made from Aniline Leather, which offers a supple yet sturdy core base to the boot, a waterproof lining built into the boot ensures your feet are kept dry, in even the worst weather. A Heavy-duty treaded sole makes light work of off-roading, mud and debris whilst still offering sublime comfort and feel, on or off the bike. Armour and support surround the ankle and shin areas offer protection when its needed. A quick-release buckle system on the boot closure along with a velcro upper tab ensures the boots will always stay in place whilst offering quick and easy on/off installation.


  • Full Length
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Release buckle system
  • Adventure Textured Sole
  • Fully Armoured
  • Pair of.
  • CE Certified - Standard EN 13634:2017 compliant

Bike It 'Triple-Black' Motorcycle Adventure Boot

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