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The ‘Ultimate’ range of Bike It motorcycle gloves extends to the street, with the Bike It ‘Ultimate StreetFighter Glove’ or ‘UFG’. 


With its aggressive street styling, this leather summer glove is designed with attitude, performance and comfort in mind.


With a sleek, all-black, stylish armoured aesthetic, the ‘UFG’ with its low profile design is packed full of features including an armoured knuckle, fingers, palm and wrist protection. Ventilation on the fingers helps remove moisture and keep your hand cool for a fresher feeling more comfortable ride.


Thanks to its low profile cuff, it easily fits under your favourite motorcycle jacket for optimum comfort and styling, further enhanced with velcro closure around the waist to ensure it stays comfortably in place.


  • Armoured Knuckle
  • Palm and Wrist protection
  • Ventilated fingers
  • Low profile cuff
  • CE Certified - Standard EN 13594:2015 compliant

Bike It 'UFG' Ultimate Streetfighter Leather Motorcycle Glove (Black)

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