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A waterproof boot with GORE-TEX® membrane for sports touring use, complete with the Axial Distortion Control System to protect the foot and ankle and IN construction, to be worn under the suit or pants.


  • Sport Master GORE-TEX® is the waterproof boot designed for sports touring use.
  • The GORE-TEX® membrane, waterproof and breathable, makes it suitable for use in all climates and adverse weather conditions. The safety of the foot and ankle is guaranteed by the Axial Distortion Control System, an articulated structure that acts as a brace for the joint, guiding it in all its movements and preventing any dangerous sprains.
  • The Sport Master GORE-TEX® is designed with an IN type construction to be worn inside the pants, for an extremely streamlined result. This structure also protects the boot in case of rain, so that water does not enter from above.
  • The GORE-TEX® membrane offers excellent waterproofing and insulation against bad weather, while maintaining optimal breathability for great comfort in every situation.

Dainese Sport Master Goretex Boots 001

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