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The most versatile and affordable flip-up helmet is now even better! The new Atom 2 will shake the foundations of this segment.

The new MT Atom 2 is packed with compelling features; it has enhanced the outstanding qualities of its predecessor model and incorporated state-of-the-art innovations such as the housing for UCS MT-NSIC, the rapid-opening system MT-FSOS+, and the MT-ESP sun visor.

Composition: HIRP (High Impact Resistance Polymer)
Number of Shells: 2 (XS to M and L to XXL)
Number of EPS: 2 (XS to M and L to XXL)
Available Sizes: XS to XXL
Weight: 1,700 gr +/-50 gr

MT Atom 2 Bast B7 Gloss Red White Blue

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