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This chain lock features Oxford's strongest ever lock with an integral alarm. The padlock has a 16mm shackle and an ear-splittingly loud 100bB alarm which is triggered by movement sensors (the padlock can also be engaged without setting the alarm). Combined with a 12mm hardened steel chain, available in 3 lengths, the Boss Alarm Chain Lock will put off any would-be bike thief.

The Oxford Boss Alarm Chain Lock has been independently tested and approved by Sold Secure and has been awarded Powered Cycle (Motorcycle) GOLD standard, SBSC and ART 4*. Insurance discounts are available in the UK when you use this lock.

This lock has a key replacement service. When you buy your lock, simply note down the number which comes either attached to the keys on a metal tag or is laser marked on each key.


  • Attack tested and resistant to sledgehammer, saw, bolt cropper and drill attack.
  • Anti-jack shackle design withstands 4.5 tonnes of tensile load.
  • The removable sealed unit alarm module is vibration-resistant and weather-proof against water, frost and heat.
  • Very loud 100db alarm.
  • Can be used as a disc lock or a padlock.
  • Three keys and replacement key service provided.
  • Batteries included (6 x LR44).
  • Combine with 12mm hardened steel chain to give additional security.


  • 12mm square link chain made from Ni-Cro-Mo alloy steel.
  • Case hardened chain to resist bolt cutters.
  • Zinc coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Protective cloth sleeve to help prevent damage and make it easier to handle.
  • Long links reduce weight and increase portability.
  • Fits all Oxford ground anchors.
  • Can be easily stowed under the seat.
  • Available in three lengths: 1.2m, 1.5m & 2.0m.

Oxford Boss Alarm 16mm Chain Lock

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