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Oxford Boss Alarm Padlock is Oxford's strongest ever lock with an integral alarm. The padlock has a 16mm shackle and an ear-splittingly loud 100bB alarm which is triggered by movement sensors (the padlock can also be engaged without setting the alarm).

The Oxford Boss Alarm has been independently tested and approved by Sold Secure Powered Cycle (Motorcycle) Gold standard, Classe SRA, SBSC Intygad Produkt, FG and ART 4*.

This lock has a key replacement service. When you buy your lock, simply note down the number which comes either attached to the keys on a metal tag or is laser marked on each key.

  • The removable sealed unit alarm module is vibration-resistant and weather-proof against water, frost and heat
  • Very loud 100db alarm
  • Can be used as a disc lock or a padlock
  • Anti-jack design can withstand 4.5 tonnes of tensile load
  • Three keys and replacement key service provided.
  • Batteries included (6 x LR44)
  • Combine with 12mm hardened steel chain to give additional security

Oxford Boss Alarm 16mm Padlock Black

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