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The 180° versatile ROOF mortorcycle helmet BOXXER CARBON comes in a BOXXER 2 CARBON version enhanced by many innovations.


The exclusivity of the carbon fiber as well as a prestigious confection sublimate the many ingenious and patented ROOF technologies subtly integrated into the ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON.

Discover it at the end of January at ROOF partners dealers.

Developments of the new ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON


The design of the ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON evolve towards tighter lines while maintaining its assertive and remarkable character..


More than a simple evolution to adapt to the new E22-06 standard, ROOF once again offers a helmet with exceptional technological prowess, thanks to its research and development advances for other models in its range. Choosing a ROOF helmet to ride means being sure to have a helmet that is always one step ahead of its time.


The ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON thus offers a new design with 5 optimized EPS densities, a know-how already used on our range of full-face motorcycle helmets. New technologies are integrated into the ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON for an ultra-light weight.


In order to offer maximum freedom, the ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON is predisposed to install an intercom kit of your choice.


An exclusive system patented by ROOF to meet the new E22-06 standard, the FleXLocker ROOF allows to lock, if needed, the chin bar in open position and integrates perfectly and aesthetically into the versatility of the helmet in open or closed position. The chin bar is held infallibly in its position to ensure the control of shoks where the protection is maximum.


The ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON versatile motorcycle helmet offers a premium finish with a premium carbon fiber shell and lightweight comfort fabric combined with cutting-edge technologies: reversible lip seal, high-end comfort and Silent Lining, active and passive defogging. The automatic locking of the chinbar and the one-handed sequential unlocking ensures fast and simple gesture while maintaining control of your two-wheeler.


Opt for a personalized fitting with the ROOF BOXXER 2 CARBON . The adaptability and customization of the comfort are ensured by cheek pads of different thicknesses available as accessories, but also by a clever and innovative system of additional foams (delivered as standard) in the lateral pockets inside the inner lining.


The versatile motorcycle helmet BOXXER 2 CARBON WONDER pearl white comes standard with:

a 50% solar anti-scratch and antifog visor
a protective bag
additional foams that let adjust the inner lining comfort
a windguard
an Allen keychain

Roof Boxxer 2 Carbon Wonder Noir

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