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Experience the comfort of the footbeds made with OrthoLite® PU foam: • Long-term cushioning: OrthoLite® foam compresses less than 5% of its thickness over the lifetime of the footbed, so the cushioning, fit, comfort and performance never change. • High level breathability: the open-cells of the OrthoLite® foam, allows air to circulate in and around the footbed, moving the moisture away and keeping the foot cooler and drier.



Full grain leather. front and rear padded area for a better comfort and flexibility; rear reflex insert


GORE-TEX Performance Comfort Footwear membrane


PU shift pad integrated in the sole, reinforced malleolus, shin, toe and heel counters


Elastic zip to allow an easier fastening + wide Velcro band


OrthoLite® footbed with long term cushioning and high level of breathability


Wear resistant rubber outsole with specific grip area to allow a superior stability and maximum grip

TCX X-Five.4 GTX

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